Economic Development , Part 2

Once again, I’m a little surprised at people’s reactions.  We have received calls today since my earlier posting suggesting that I was disrespecting the Hamilton City Manager.

I’m not sure how applauding his work and respecting his accomplishments is negative, but I’ll clarify because apparently some people still like to take positive and turn it into negative.

I like Joshua Smith.  I like what he is doing in Hamilton.  I respect his work and his vision.  He is doing a great job for the City of Hamilton.  I hope by my fifth anniversary we are on a similar positive course for the City of Middletown.  I think we have a solid start to the process.

One thought on “Economic Development , Part 2

  1. I must say, I saw no negative remarks in the earlier post about Hamilton’s City Manager. I believe that many times when people read an article that appears long, they tend to scan the article without reading every word, missing the most important parts. Although the earlier post did appear a bit long for me, I did in fact read the entire thing, not scanning because as a citizen of Middletown I am delighted to know of all the up coming progress that is being planned to revitalize our city. So, maybe those who made calls and other remarks, about your first article, need to go back and read it again, word for word! I applaud all the efforts of the city to GROW!


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