Central Avenue update

Just a quick update on the construction on Central Avenue between University and Breiel….

The contractors are still working on replacing the water pipes along this stretch of roadway.  As a result of that process, they have cut holes in the streets and have had to rip out curbs and sidewalks in many locations.

Installing the pipe, however, is just the first step in the process.  The pipes are designed to last for decades once they are installed.  After they are put in place, there are a series of pressure tests performed to make sure they are ready to work properly long term without leaking.

We instructed the contractors to keep as much traffic and walkway open during the construction process as possible.  As a result, the contractors have used a quick dry cement to lay an ugly but functional temporary sidewalk as they complete their work.

If there are leaks or adjustments that need to be made in the underground pipes during testing, the contractor will be ripping up the temporary sidewalks until the system is complete and ready for use.

At that time, they will remove all temporary paving, curbs, sidewalks, etc., and move forward with putting the final sidewalks back into place.

It’s ugly but necessary and temporary.  Be patient!  It’s all for a good end cause.

Have a great day.


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