TV Middletown

With the scale back of TV Middletown, I’ve been asked several times this week how this will affect the City’s ability to communicate with the public.

My answer is that we have never communicated more with the public than we are doing right this minute….

TV Middletown is still scheduled to broadcast all City Chamber meetings including City Council meetings, Planning Commission and School Board meetings.  Those will not be going away.

The fact that you are reading this blog entry, however, shows the large jump in communication style and content available to Middletown residents.

You want to know information about the City?  Go to our web page, where you can navigate through endless pages of info as long as  you’d like.   Want to know the City’s goals/objectives and year to date results?  It’s on the web page.  Within the next month or so, you’ll be able to see City finances on the web page.

Check out the City calendar on our web page with all known citywide functions available each day.

If you like paper… you’ll get quarterly updates from us on various topics with your water bill.

If you come into the City building, you’ll see two televisions in the lobby directing  you to where things are in the building and what you will need to complete business with the city in various departments.

Follow us on Facebook (City of Middletown – City Hall) or through the Police Division (Middletown Division of Police) for updates on events, storm information, road closures, and construction delays.

You can follow us on your mobile phone by downloading the mobile app (Middletown, OH – Official).

We’re on Twitter (@CityMiddletown), on Instragram (cityofmiddletownohio), on LinkedIn (City of Middletown, Ohio), and of course on this blog (

We are exploring the possibility of adding kiosks in the lobby and/or the Division of Police that would allow residents to pay traffic fines 24/7 at their convenience.   We are exploring the possibility of touchscreen TV’s in the lobby to allow more citizens to get information quickly to conduct their business with the City.

On the Economic Development front, we have completed the first stage of our “one stop shop” to make it easier to navigate the permitting, planning and zoning processes with your business.  This is now in the testing and feedback stage and we will make adjustments as local businesses share how we can improve the process.

We have done everything we know to make this an accessible, transparent government.  Our finances, our goals, and everything we know is at your fingertips.

It is my genuine hope that TV Middletown finds a sustainable business model that will allow them to continue to produce quality local programming. They will continue to be one of the many ways that we communicate information to our residents and the region moving forward.


2 thoughts on “TV Middletown

  1. Now if you would just ad video clips when appropriate …
    Sustainable business model seems to have been and still is the straw……..
    Thanks for the call back.


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