What do we do at the City?

I’ve always told my staff that if the citizens of Middletown don’t notice us, that probably means we did our job well.  If you get  up in the morning and your toilet flushes and your shower has water, and you don’t hit a pot hole on the way to work and all of the traffic signals function as you expected… then we didn’t impact your day.

So what does it take to make that happen?  I get reports each quarter on what the different departments are doing.  I’ve talked previously about the reduction in calls for public safety.  Here are other interesting facts that the public never sees about our other departments.  Over the first six months of 2015, the City:

Made 292 repairs to traffic signals;

Removed 79 dead trees;

Cleaned 10,732 lineal feet of sewers;

Completed 1,638 lane miles of street sweeping;

Used 550 tons of asphalt to repair pot holes;

Repaired or replaced 163 street signs;

Spent over 2,800 man hours removing snow from city streets during 10 snow events;  spread 3,380 tons of salt on city roads to melt the remaining snow;

Treated an average of 18.6 millions gallons of waste water per day;

Made 69 water main repairs;

Produced 1,466 million gallons of potable water;

Issued 1,886 permits in the Health Department;  Took health reports on 378 communicable diseases;

Issued 399 permits out of the Building Department and completed 668 building permit inspections;

Human Resources processed in 13 new employees, processed out 12 leaving employees, posted 8 job announcements, administered 8 civil service tests, conducted 4 training sessions, processed 9 new worker’s compensation claims and processed 18 injury reports;

Code enforcement staff completed 3,455 inspections, resolving 2,519 code violations; and

The Law Department reviewed 114 contracts, drafted 74 pieces of legislation for City Council, and provided victim advocate assistance to 2,383 victims of crime.

We work hard every day hoping to make your lives a little better with our efforts.  Please know that we don’t always get it perfect, but we are striving to be a responsive city government.

The full reports can be found on the City web page at http://www.cityofmiddletown.org.

Have a great week!

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