We’ve gotten a couple complaints regarding grass mowing of the right of ways and the parks.  There are two things going on that hopefully resolve themselves shortly.  First, the extensive rain has made the grass grow quickly and has made it difficult to maintain cutting schedules.  The ground is too soggy in many places to use the mowers.  Second, our contractors have experienced some mechanical breakdowns with their mowing equipment.  They tell me that the mowers are all close to being back up and running and that we should be caught up in the next few days.  I’ve asked that they make the parks our priority so that we are in good shape for the July 4th weekend.

The City apologizes if you went to a park recently and the grass was longer than we both would have liked.  We hope it is an isolated incident and we appear to be back on track to maintaining the parks and right of ways properly the rest of the mowing season.

Have a great Fourth of July and we hope to see you out at the Broad Street Blast and fireworks at Smith Park on July 3rd!

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