I’ll be out of the office starting tomorrow and won’t be back until Thursday, June 11th.  This will likely be the last posting for a week.

I had the privilege of meeting with a group of civic organizations last night to discuss how we could all work together to improve Middletown.  One of the nicest surprises I have encountered since I became City Manager is the outpouring of citizens asking how they can help.  This is a city that wants to improve and anytime I ask, people are ready to lend a hand.

I’d like to thank Kohl’s, DMI and Jeff Michel for their work yesterday downtown and also for the work Kohl’s will be doing this weekend cleaning up around the City Building and Donham Plaza.  How we look matters.  It will take all of us working together to improve our image and our look.

The civic organizations asked me to create a list of service opportunities around town that each group could look over and then pick which project(s) their group might be able to complete or to offer assistance in completing.  I’ll be working with staff to create that list over the next few weeks and when it is complete, I’ll let you know how to view it and how to volunteer to help.

I’ve had similar conversations with many of the religious institutions in town.  Imagine what could be done with each church and each civic organization taking on one project and completing it.   They are ready to act.  Are you?

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