I keep hearing how if we could just bring good manufacturing jobs back to Middletown, the city would improve and get people back to work.  I don’t disagree, but saying it and doing it are often two different animals.  According to the Labor Department, hiring in manufacturing since December 2014 has only improved by 0.2% nationwide.  That’s not a lot of jobs to go after.

Said another way, in April, the entire United States added 223,000 jobs.  If you divide that by 50 states, it leaves Ohio with 4,460 new jobs.  If you divide that by 88 Ohio counties, that leaves just 51 jobs per Ohio county.  And… those are not primarily manufacturing jobs.

Many of our leading employers are looking for help.  The problem right this moment doesn’t appear to be a lack of available jobs, but instead, our employers tell us that they are having a hard time finding qualified candidates with the skills needed for the job who can pass a drug test.

We have educational opportunities available in Middletown  to develop almost any skill set.  If you are not finding the job you want or lack the skills to move to a higher paying job, seek out Miami University Middletown, Cincinnati State, Greentree Health Sciences Academy, Butler Tech or the Warren County Career Center and find ways to improve your skills.  There are a number of programs available to help pay for additional education and sometimes the employer will either assist or pay for your education.

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